We went to UCLA in August 2018. At UCLA Ubilab, we were divided into three groups and each group finished a project.

Ari Wei, Tony Lin, Katherine Zhu, Joe Wong, Fitib Hoi, Jack Meng

Davide Aguiari, Giovanni Pau, Fitib Hoi, Jack Meng, Ari Wei, Joe Wong, Tony Lin, Katherine Zhu, Witt Qu, Steven Liu, Rita Tse

We were pleased to met Professor Mario Gerla there, the chair of the department of Computer Science of UCLA. We also had a chance to enter the laboratory which places the first router in the world, and visited The Henry Samueil school of Engineering and Applied Science.

Tony Lin, Ari Wei, Jack Meng, Fitib Hoi, Giovanni Pau, Davide Aguiari, Rita Tse

Katherine Zhu, Joe Wong, Mario Gerla

Steven Liu, Fitib Hoi, Tony Lin, Joe Wong, Davide Aguiari, Giovanni Pau, Jack Meng, Rita Tse, Ari Wei, Katherine Zhu, Witt Qu

Joe Wong, Jack Meng, Tony Lin, Fitib Hoi, Davide Aguiari, Giovanni Pau, Rita Tse, Katherine Zhu, Ari Wei, Steven Liu, Witt Qu