Times On Campus

We were working in Ubilab around one week. During the time, Professor Giovanni Pau, our school director Rita Tse and two of our seniors (Witt Qu and Steven Liu) also taught us some knowledge and helped us to solve problems.

Moon Lam, Kaian Chan, Tan Wang, Giovanni Pau, Chris Zhou, Tim Zheng, Meng Lai

On the following days, we visited the laboratory where the first router is in and saw the architectural models of The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, UCLA.

Chris Zhou, Tan Wang, Tim Zheng, Giovanni Pau, Meng Lai, Moon Lam, Kaian Chan

Steven Liu, Rita Tse, Giovanni Pau, Witt Qu
Meng Lai, Chris Zhou, Tan Wang, Tim Zheng, Kaian Chan, Moon Lam

We also had a campus tour during the free time in order to know more about this famous university. The photo was taken in front of the UCLA official mascot. It is a sculpture of a bear which is called Bruin.

Tim Zheng, Meng Lai, Kaian Chan, Moon Lam, Chris Zhou, Tan Wang