5. Experience

We are very pleased to have an opportunity to do the project at UCLA. During the time of our research, we built up an Android app from the very beginning. It is really a challenge. According to the planning, there was only one week for doing it. It seemed that we did not have enough time and we all thought that it is a mission impossible. However, we still persisted and tried our best to finish it. Finally, we succeed. As a Chinese scientist Hsue-Shen Tsien said, "Don't lose faith, as long as the unremittingly, you will get some fruits." We finished the project in such a short time was not an accident, it was because of our persistence and endeavor.

From this exchange experience, we knew how to work as a team and work effectively. Besides this, as we finished the project in Los Angeles, we also visited some places there, we understood more about American culture. This study trip is really a valuable experience for us.